Protocol Resource and Operations Service

Operations Group

When it comes to staging events – from small dinners to large-scale multi-day, multi-venue summits – PROTOCOL has significant experience in organizing and implementing complicated dignitary operations..

Whether guiding in-house resources or deploying a comprehensive team of specialists, our personnel function as seamless extensions of a clients’ existing staff.

Regardless of complexity, the PROTOCOL  mission is simple: create a safe, distraction-free environment for our clients and their guests so that substantive relationships can form and business affairs transacted.

Formidable skill coupled with exacting preparation enables PROTOCOL to effectively "drive“ a dignitary operation from start to finish minimizing the risk of embarrassing mistakes, awkward situations or unsafe conditions from ever developing.  This extraordinary attention to detail is immediately evident and enables all participants to focus on substantial issues.

PROTOCOL’s global network is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world, even on short notice.

Our Operations Group can arrange, manage and advance agendas for a particular principal or an entire delegation, provide a complete team of specialists to develop and staff comprehensive dignitary operations, administer an existing dignitary program or simply serve as on-site consultants.

Protocol Resource and Operations Service

Protocol Resource and Operations Service

Protocol Resource and Operations Service








Dignitary Management Services

Special Events

Dignitary Visits

Language Services


•Concept Refinement
•Venue Selection
•Environmental Design
•Invitation Processes
•Guest List
•Operational Implementation
•Breakdown & Cleanup
•After Action
•Travel Authorization
•Site Vetting
•Security Plan
•Advance Team
•Trip Director
•Dignitary Protection
•Local Jursidiction Liason
•Customs Expidite
•Arrival Ceremonies
•Red Carpets
•Meet & Greet
•Site Seeing
•Cultural Awareness
•Gift Giving
•Interpretation: Simultainious  
 and Consecutive
•Document Translation
•Booths, Recievers and
•Run of Show
•Stage Production
•Speaker Management
•VIP Guests
•Seating Plan

Patriotic Services


Arrivals & Departures

Event Staffing

•Honor Guard
•Flag Acquisition, Placement
 & Handling
•National Anthems Sheet  
 Music & Performances

•Hotel Selection
•Discount Pricing
•Service Levels
•RON Plan

•Passport & Visa Processing
•Jetway Greets
•Airport Escort
•Baggage Handling
•Job Descriptions
•Volunteer and Professional
 Staff Recruituing
•Background Checks
•Suitablity Interviews
•Personnel Oversight
•Salary, Per Diem and
 Expense Processing