Protocol in the News

The articles below have appeared in a variety of periodicals and are of particular interest to protocol professionals.  When available, clicking on the publication name will redirect you to the actual item.  Additional submissions are welcome and titles or links can be forwarded electronically to at any time.

1971 - 1980

Carpenter, Edmund. “Diplomatic Ceremonial and Protocol; Principles, Procedures & Practices. By John R. Wood and Jean Serres” New York Times 2/7/71

Harkison, Judy. “The Chief of Protocol and His Wife: On the Go 18 Hours a Day” New York Times 8/19/72

Bergbom, Shari. “Brush Up on Your Manners” Palm Beach Post 3/1/77 A7

Bumiller, Elisabeth. “Protocol Prep” Washington Post 11/27/79

Shribman, David. “When in Washington, Do as the Romans Did” Buffalo News 12/8/79 C1