Protocol in the News

The articles below have appeared in a variety of periodicals and are of particular interest to protocol professionals.  When available, clicking on the publication name will redirect you to the actual item.  Additional submissions are welcome and titles or links can be forwarded electronically to at any time.

1991 - 2000


“How to Fight with Proper Manners” Insight 1/21/91

Lin, Jennifer. “He helps understand customs of customers” The Philadelphia Inquirer 4/12/91 C12

Holman, Richard L. "North Korea Displays Gifts" Wall Street Journal 5/7/91 A19

Baum, Geraldine. “Queen Begins U.S. Visit Amid Toast, Pomp” Los Angeles Times 5/16/91

Baum, Geraldine. “Psst! We’re Here” Los Angeles Times 6/24/91

“Protocol Chief at White House to Resign Post” New York Times 7/3/91 

Apple, R.W. “British Hosts, Being British, Plan an Understated Splendor” New York Times 7/15/91 A5

Whitney, Craig. “7 Arrive With Soviets on Their Minds” New York Times 7/15/91 A5

Shogren, Elizabeth. “President’s Chef Gets Grilled by Overzealous KGB Guards” Los Angeles Time 7/30/91 A6

Wines, Michael. "Bush in Japan; Bush Collapses at State Dinner with Japanese" New York Times 1/9/92

Pauly, Brett. “Under everbody’s thumb” LA Daily News 1/14/92

Mondale, Walter. “Threadbare Striped Pants” Los Angeles Times 1/15/92

“Death of a King: The Protocol” New York Times 2/9/92 

Smith, Liz. “Power Playing, Disney Style” Los Angeles Times 3/4/92

Dooley, Susan. “When you feel Like being catered to” Self 4/92 116

Edwards, Owen. “End of Rude” Town & Country 6/92 47

Eng, James. “Researcher offers tips on dealing with embarassement” Antelope Valley Press 6/14/92 A9

Ross, Nancy. “Etiquette Don’ts for Repeat of ‘I Do’s’” Los Angeles Times 6/15/92

“White House Dinner: The Guest List” New York Times 6/17/92 A12

“Juan A. Henares-Levy, Chief of Protocol, 49” New York Times 7/4/92 

“Japan’s mobile-phone users receive lessons in etiquette” Los Angeles Times 7/27/92

Benesch, Connie. “Proper Etiquette--What a high concept!” Los Angeles Times 8/16/92

 “Handbook has the answers on deputy etiquette” Los Angeles Times 11/2/92

Bales, Kate. "Culture Shock vs. Business Judgement" New York Times 12/19/92

Kaufman, Margo. "Emotional Baggage: She Plots Her Packing For Days, He Figures He'll Buy What He Forgets" New York Times 1/10/93 31

Weinraub, Bernard. "This Inaugural Thing Just Irks Hollywood" New York Times 1/10/93 1

Katz, Jesse. “Eye Contact Etiquette” Los Angeles Times 2/93

"Harried White House Greets Guests for Holocaust Museum" The Boston Globe 4/22/93 15

DeWitt, Karen. "Newborn Countries Tackle Embassy Life in Washington" New York Times 5/18/93 A1

Trudeau, Gary. "Ripple Effect" New York Times 10/10/93

Steinhauer, Jennifer. “Stories in Flags” New York Times 1/16/94 13/2

Riding, Alan. “In the city of light, her accent seems just right” New York Times 1/18/94 A4

Geracimos, Ann. "Protocol for Changing Times" Washington Times 9/23/94 C12

“Donna Shalala Puts Up with a Powerful Smoker” New York Times 11/22/94 A24

Walte, Juan. “Hemispheric Huddle is All About Growth” USA Today 12/8/94 4A

Sharp, Deborah. “Miami Putting Its Best Foot Forward” USA Today 12/8/94 4A

Marshall, Leslie. "RSVP The White House" In Style 12/94 39

Kurylo, Elizabeth. “Knowing what to do, and when, is a lesson in itself” Atlanta Journal 12/12/94 B4

 “18 Holes, 3 Wounded” New York Times 2/19/95

 “House Takes Quiet Steps to Tighten Its Security” New York Times 2/19/95 33

Bohlen, Celestine. "Pope Reschedules American Visit for the Fall" New York Times 3/3/95 B6

“New Protocol: Heads of State Now Court Congress” New York Times 4/8/95 

“Buckingham Palace for those on foot” New York Times 4/30/95

Gargan, Edward. "Taiwan Enthralled by President's Private U.S. Trip" New York Times 6/8/95 A3

Chen, David. "Taiwan's President tiptoes Around Politics at Cornell" New York Times 6/10/95 A4

Kamen, Al. "In the House, It's a Matter of Protocol" The Washington Post 7/26/95 A21

Griest, Stephanie. "The Remembered War; At the White House, a VIP Dinner for Korean 'Brothers'" The Washington Post 7/28/95 B1

Sanger, David. "U.S. - Vietnam Ties: War is Yesterday, Hope is Today" New York Times 8/6/95 A3

Crossette, Barbara. "A Global Gauge of Greased Palms" New York Times 8/20/95 E3

Specter, Michael. "The Rich Idioms of Russian: Verbal Soul Food of a Culture" New York Times 8/20/95 E3

Erlanger, Steven. "Glassy Eyed Etiquette: A Guide to Russian Toasts" New York Times 9/8/95 A4

Wayne, Leslie. "Leaping to the Lectern" New York Times 9/8/95 D1

Bruni, Frank. "Visit by Pope Sets the Multitudes in Motion" New York Times 9/12/95 A1

Yazigi, Monique. "The Art of the Entourage" New York Times 9/24/95 C3

Bohlen, Celestine. “Pope Gives The Press Examples of his Skill” New York Times 10/5/95

Sciolino, Elaine. "Wanted: A Hidaway to Hatch a Peace" New York Times 10/12/95 A9

Barron, James. "Planning Pomp and Security for the U.N.'s 50th Anniversary" New York Times 10/19/95 B1

Behrens, David. "Party Diplomacy" Newsday 10/19/95 B4

Alvarez, Lizette. "Visiting Castro to Meet Both Cold Shoulder and 'Fidelmania'" New York Times 10/20/95 A7

Crossette, Barbara. "V.I.P.'s to Get 1 Photo-Op, 5 Minutes, No Motorcade" New York Times 10/20/95 A6

Weber, Bruce. "At 50, U.N. Is Still a Stranger in New York" New York Times 10/20/95 A1

Bumiller, Elizabeth. "Where Heads of State Lay Their Heads" New York Times 10/21/95 A1

Bruni, Frank. "Let Them Eat a Wild Rice and Wheatberry Pilaf" New York Times 10/22/95 A11

Haberman, Clyde. "5 Best Reason to Allow U.N. to Park Here" New York Times 10/22/95 A35

Crossette, Barbara. "The U.N. at 50: Facing the Task of Reinventing Itself" New York Times 10/22/95 A1

Crossette, Barbara. "50 Years of Droning for Diplomacy" New York Times 10/22/95 E1

Faison, Seth. "Service with Some Bile" New York Times 10/22/95 E4

McFadden, Robert. "In Oratory and Fanfare, U.N. Celebrates 50 Years" New York Times 10/22/95 A11

Rosenthal, A.M. "In the Early Days, Rented Furniture, Wonton Soup and the I.R.T." New York Times 10/22/95 A11

Sexton, Joe. "For Many Who Serve, Ro Room For Pomp" New York Times 10/22/95 A1

"Why Some Leaders Stay Home" New York Times 10/22/95 A10

Alvarez, Lizette. "Castro Back in Fatigues, and Harlem" New York Times 10/23/95 A1

Bruni, Frank. "U.N. Scene is of Quite Pomp" New York Times 10/23/95 A1 

Crossette, Barbara. "Hope and Disappointment Mingle an U.N. Celebration" New York Times 10/23/95 A1

Goldberg, Carey. "Varied Voices With One Demand: Justice!" New York Times 10/23/95 A10

MacFarquhar, Neil. "P.L.O. Chief, Armed with Olive Branch, Appeals for a New State" New York Times 10/23/95 A9  

Purdy, Matthew. "Movers and Shakers Lost in the Crowd" New York Times 10/23/95 A10

Wren, Christopher. "Algeria and France Cancel Talks, But Others See a Chance for a One-on-One" New York Times 10/23/95 A11

Alvarez, Lizette. "Lunch with Castro: Old Themes" New York Times 10/24/95 A11

Barron, James. "For Motorists, It All Depended On Where in the City You Happened to Be, and When" New York Times 10/24/95 A11

Crossette, Barbara. "Money on Their Minds, Leaders Tell U.N. to Trim Down" New York Times 10/24/95 A10

Mitchell, Alison. "Warmth, but Little Substance, at Hyde Park Summit" New York Times 10/24/95 A1

Purdy, Matthew. "On the Streets, Shopping Spree and Gridlock" New York Times 10/24/95 A1

Sciolino, Elaine. "Library's Rights Exhibit Hits a Raw Chinese Nerve" New York Times 10/24/95 A12

“Catering to the United Nations” The New Yorker 10/25/95

Firestone, David. "In Mayor's Arafat Snub, a Hint of Strategy" New York Times 10/26/95 B1

Kurylo, Elizabeth. “Dining, continental style” Atlanta Journal 11/4/95 C2

Sciolino, Elaine. "Gag Orders Can Do Wonders for a Peace Talk" New York Times 11/5/95 E3

Morris, Bob. “The Art of Being an Honored Guest”  New York Times 11/26/95 51

Wade, Betsy. “Passports: Timing Is All” New York Times 12/31/95 4

Whitney, Craig. "Extended Family in Mourning" New York Times 1/14/96 E2

“Sinan A. Korle, 81, U.N. Protocol Chief” New York Times 1/20/96 

“Advanceman in Retreat” Washington Post 1/24/96

Fritsch, Jane. "A Bribe's Not a Bribe When It's a Donation" New York Times 1/28/96 E1

Goldberg, Carey. "Russian Samples Pastrami Politics" New York Times 2/1/96 B2

Roberts, Roxanne. "Haute Boy! A Classy Bash" Washington Times 2/2/96 B1

Crossette, Barbara. "UN Election Fever: Ready, Set, Don't Run !" New York Times 2/11/96 E3

"For the Kitschmeister in Chief Who Has Everything" New York Times 2/18/96 E3

Patel, Ami. “Bridging the Gap” Thomson Newspapers 3/27/96 

Finney, Paul Burnham. “Security is a growing worry for executives working in some increasingly unsafe overseas areas” New York Times 4/3/96

Beifuss, John. “Memphis polishes global image as it awaits 18 envoys” The Commercial Appeal 5/24/96

Patel, Ami. “Olympic Protocol: Get Ready You Will Be Tested” Thomson Newspapers 7/17/96 

“Master of Protocol, and no slouch at Martial Arts” New York Times 9/2/96 

“Four Steps to the Chinese Wedding” New York Times 11/24/96 6

Wade, Betsy. “Finding Out About Vaccines” New York Times 11/24/96 4

Stout, David. “Brief Scuffle by Diplomats Goes Global” New York Times 1/1/97 41

Yazigi, Monique. “Girls in White Dresses” New York Times 1/1/97 41 

Benedetto, Richard. "All the President's Menus Focus on Low-Fat Priorities" USA Today 1/6/97

Rimer, Sara. “3d Graders are Masters of Manners” New York Times 1/26/97 10

Gargan, Edward. “3 Things Matter: Location, Location and Feng Shui” New York Times 1/27/97 A4

Faison, Seth. “Thousands Join Leaders in Bidding Deng Farewell” New York Times 2/25/97 A10

Faison, Seth. “Absence of Foreign Guests Shows Beijing’s Attitude” New York Times 2/26/97 A8

Clinton, Hillary Rodham. “African Odyssey” Vouge 6/97 186

Lawrence, Jill. "White House Serves Protocol at its Finest" USA Today 10/30/97

Yazigi, Monique. “Fighting Party Terror” New York Times 12/17/97 41

Yazigi, Monique. “A Park Avenue Party: How Two Hostesses Set the Right Mood” New York Times 12/17/97 41

“From Arms Proliferation to Protocol, Clinton Crams to Learn About China” New York Times 6/20/98

Tagliaferro, Linda. “For Trades’s Sake, Honing Etiquette” New York Times 11/1/98

Strum, Charles. "A Faux Pas? Get Over It!" New York Times 5/19/00

Von Drehle, David. "On Guard: In L.A., Status is in the Details" Washington Post 8/16/00

Murphy, Dean. "Summit In New York: The Overview; World Leaders Arrive, and a City Sits Up and Notices" New York Times 9/6/00