Protocol in the News

The articles below have appeared in a variety of periodicals and are of particular interest to protocol professionals.  When available, clicking on the publication name will redirect you to the actual item.  Additional submissions are welcome and titles or links can be forwarded electronically to at any time.

2001 - 2010

Tagliabue, John. "The Business World; At a French Factory, Culture is a Two-Way Street" New York Times 2/25/01

“Word for Word/Execution Protocol; Please Order Your Last Meal Seven Days in Advance” New York Times 4/22/01

Smith, Craig. "Beware of Cross-Cultural Faux Pas in China" New York Times 4/30/02

“New Mexico: Brushing Up On Protocol” New York Times 4/7/04 

Garfinkel, Perry. "On Keeping Your Foot Safely Out of Your Mouth" New York Times 7/13/04

Yardley, Jim. “Protocol takes Precedence in Chinese Visit” New York Times 4/9/06

"Did White House Protocol Gaffes Insult Chinese?" ABC News 4/22/06

Froomkin, Dan. “Inside the Real West Wing” Washington Post 8/22/06 

Johnson, Darragh. “Prepping for the Queen Tests the Commoners” Washington Post 5/3/07 

Stolberg, Sheryl Gay. “For Queen and First Lady, Bush Will Try White Tie” New York Times 5/5/07

“Blundering Bush makes ANOTHER gaffe as he winks at the Queen” Daily Mail 5/7/07 

Spetalnick, Matt. "Bush to Press: Welcome Back. No Questions Please" Reuters 7/11/07

Gentleman, Amelia. “India Debates Protocol for French Pair” New York Times 1/9/08

Cooper, Michael. “A Momentary Lapse of Protocol?” New York Times 1/15/08

Banerjee, Neela. “Clashing over Church Ritual and Flag Protocol at the Naval Academy Chapel” New York Times 3/8/08

Confessore, Nicholas. “Who’s on First? A Metter of Albany Protocol” New York Times 5/14/08

Burns, John F. “Dalai Lama’s Britain Visit Raises Questions of Protocol” New York Times 5/21/08

Hollington, Kris. “All The President's Men: The unimaginable lengths needed to keep George Bush alive…” Daily Mail 7/7/08 

Lewak, Doree. "Different Rules for Different Cultures: Be Prepared" New York Times 12/12/08

Robbins, Liz. “Hugs and High Jinks, and Protocol Be Damned” New York Times 4/2/09

Benn, Aluf. "How Does an Israeli Diplomatic Visit to the US Work?" Haaratz 5/17/09

Cowan, Alison Leigh. "Pick for Protocol Post Corrects Failure to File Taxes in 2 Years” New York Times 6/18/09

Blumenfeld, Laura. "The Making of an Agent" Washington Post 7/26/09

Hulse, Carl. “In Lawmaker’s Outburst, a Rare Breach of Protocol” New York Times 9/10/09

Winfrey, Carey. “A Final Verdict on the Presidential Salute” New York Times 11/1/09

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's India State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 11/24/09

“The First State Dinner: President Obama Welcomes His Excellency Dr. Manmohan Singh of India” The White House Blog 11/24/09

Macdonald, Kerri. “Stars, Stripes and Protocol” New York Times 12/2/09 

Kantrowitz, Barbara. The White House Mystery Drug" Daily Beast 3/4/10

Connolly, Katie. "President Obama's Gift Giving Gaffes" Newsweek 3/13/10

Halsey III, Ashley. "The Coming Traffic Meltdown" Washington Post 4/8/10

Bates, Melinda. “White House Insider Returns to White House for State Visit” Ultimate White House Insider 5/17/10

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's Mexico State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 5/19/10

"On the Road: President Obama's Advance Man Lays the Groundwork for Trips Around the World" Washington Post 6/21/10

Ridley, Jane. "Prim and Proper Protocol: Ambassador Mary Mel French Pens Book on Official White House Etiquette" Daily News 7/25/10

Goodman, Peter. "In Case of Emergency: What Not to Do" New York Times 8/21/10

Kessler, Glenn. "Cables Reveal Intricacies of U.S. Diplomacy" Washington Post 11/29/10