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The articles below have appeared in a variety of periodicals and are of particular interest to protocol professionals.  When available, clicking on the publication name will redirect you to the actual item.  Additional submissions are welcome and titles or links can be forwarded electronically to at any time.

2011 - Present


"Expected Attendees at Tonight's State Dinner" The White House 1/19/11

"Post-State Dinner Analysis and Gossip" Washington Post 1/20/11

Mendick, Robert. "Libyan Dissident who Photographed the Death of Yvonne Fletcher Speaks Out Against the Gaddafi Regime" The Telegraph 4/17/11 

"Trump Force One: Inside Donald Trump's $100 Million 'Presidential' 757 Jet" Daily Mail 6/6/11

Roberts, Roxanne and Dan Zak. "A Drama Free State Dinner" Washington Post 6/8/11 

Shear, Michael. "Trailing G.O.P. With Cameras, Seeking Gaffes" New York Times 7/8/11

Shin, Annys. "Diplomatic Re-Gifting, Another City Austerity Measure" Washington Post 8/13/11

Hesse, Monica. “Dinner at America’s Table” Washington Post 10/12/11

"State Dinner for Korea Preview" Washinton Post 10/13/11

Monkovic, Toni. “On Schwartz, Harbaugh and Postgame Protocol” New York Times 10/17/11

West, Elenore. "5 Obama Dinner Menus" Food Republic 2/7/12

Harris, Shane. “Presenting His Excellency” Washingtonian 3/12/12

Leigh, Rob. “With David Cameron about to take a trip on Air Force One, take a peek inside Barack Obama's presidential plane” Mirror 3/13/12 

"'Official Dinner' vs. 'State Dinner'" Washington Post 3/13/12

“Check out the Table Settings and Locavre Menu for Tonight’s State Dinner at the White House” Inside Scoop SF 3/14/12

"Who's at the Head Table for the White House State Dinner for Britain?" Washington Post 3/14/12

Allen, Henry. "Hail, And Thunder, To the Queen!" Washington Post 3/14/12

Harris, Shane. "What Does a Chief of Protocol Do?" Washingtonian 3/15/12

Hesse, Monica and Roxanne Roberts. "White House State Dinner for Britain: Special Friendship Toasted" Washington Post 3/15/12

Mallozzi, Vincent. “Wedding: Natalie Jones, Patrick Hallahan” New York Times 4/22/12

Dizikes, Cynthia. "U.S. Protocol Officers Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly During NATO Summit" Chicago Tribune 5/17/12 

Henley, John. "G8 Interpreters: The Art of Many Different Dinner Party Conversations"  The Guardian 5/21/12

Zamora, Amanda. "A Who's Who of White House Guests" Washington Post 5/21/12

Martin, Hugo. "Cultural Faux Pas Can Doom International Business Deals" Los Angeles Times 4/15/12

Obaro, Tomi. "Summit for Protocol of Officials Aims to Prevent Gaffes Heard 'Round the Globe" Washington Post 7/5/12

Palmer, Brian. "Shrimp Fork Diplomacy" Slate 7/6/12

Rosenbloom, Stephanie. "A Battle Plan for Jet Lag" New York Times 8/15/12

Katz, Gregory. “Breach of Confidence: Don’t Quote the Queen” AP 9/25/12 

“Record State Dinner Spending” Committee on Oversight & Government Reform 11/2/12 

Stern, Marcus. "For an Honorary Consul in America: Deal or No Deal?" Reuters 12/4/12

Fisher, Max. Inaugural Reflections on our Golden Era (or Golden Years?) of Art and Politics. Washington Post 1/18/13

“Ruth H. Donaldson, Protocol Assistant” Washington Post 2/6/13 

“A Brief History of State Dinners” Time Photos 2/10/13

Speciale, Alessandro. “Electing a new pope draws on tradition and secrecy” Washington Post  2/11/13

Povoledo, Elisabetta. “After Retirement, Pope Will Live in Vatican City” New York Times 2/12/13

Donadio, Rachel. “When a Pope Retires” New York Times 2/17/13 

Fisher, Max. "A Surprising Map of the World's National Holidays" Washington Post 2/26/13

“Planning Trips Worthy of a President” NPR 3/17/13 8:00AM 

“Quoted: Future Dutch King Willem-Alexander on what to call him” Washington Post 4/18/13

Wax, Emily. “Cultural-sensitivity soldiers save diplomats, corporate titans from themselves” Washington Post 4/23/13

Eilperin, Juliet. “Why did Obama serve fish Tuesday night? For the halibut” Washington Post 4/24/13

Fisher, Max. “How a boar hunt gone awry toppled Moldova’s government” Washington Post 4/24/13

“Capricia Marshall to leave State Department” Washington Post 5/7/13 

“Quoted: Rey Decerega recalls elbowing the president” Washington Post 5/7/13 

Weiner, Rachel. “Obama puts Marines on umbrella duty, irking conservatives” Washington Post 5/17/13

Heil, Emily. “What to give the president who has everything?” Washington Post 5/28/13

Kamen, Al. “Gifts and More Gifts” Washington Post 5/28/13 

Larson, Leslie. “Michelle Obama Snubs Stylish Chinese First Lady by Staying Home in D.C. With Sasha and Malia” New York Daily News 6/6/13 

Rucker, Philip. “Obama begins summit with Xi as China agrees to cyber framework” Washington Post 6/8/13

Ostermeier, Eric. "George H.W. Bush: Hater of Broccoli" Smart Politics 7/9/13

“Sellers, Frances Stead. Of Royal Births, Diplomatic Telegrams and Telegraph Hill” Washington Post 7/12/13

Yellin, Jessica. "U.S. President's Have Spotty Record on Gifts for Royal Births" CNN 7/24/13

“Hillary Clinton’s gifts from foreign leaders more lavish than those for Obama” Washington Post 9/1/13

“Kerry Teases Markey about Name Plate” Washington Post 9/3/13

“Clinton's draw VIPs to closed-door foundation fundraiser” Washington Post 9/10/13 

Jackman, Tom. "Sterling, Home to Maker of the Autopen; It Signs So YOu Don't Have To" Washington Post 9/16/13

Boyer, Dave. “Brazil snubs Obama by refusing White House state-dinner honor” Washington Times 9/17/13

“Rules of Civility: Dinner Etiquette – Formal Dining” Gentleman’s Gazette 9/23/13 

Flegenheimer, Matt. "A Diplomatic Apology for City Traffic" New York Times 9/27/13

“Capricia Marshall joins Atlantic Council’s Latin America Center” Washington Post 10/2/13

Nakamura, David. “In chaotic chase from White House to Capitol, officers fired multiple shots at woman” Washington Post 10/3/13

Wemple, Erik. “Going on the record about ‘off the record’ Washington Post 10/9/13

“Madame Ambassador: The growing power of women diplomats in Washington” Washington Post 10/16/13

Mages, Evy. “Party for Capricia Marshall in Potomac” Washington Post 10/18/13 

Londono, Ernesto. “Hagle in Kabul for unannounced visit, but no plans to meet with Karzai” Washington Post  11/7/13

Fung, Brian. “What divides government from corporate surveillance?” Washington Post 11/4/13

Marlowe, Beth. "Gift-giving etiquette: Give, receive and peeve?” Washington Post 12/1/13

Dewey, Caitlin. "President Obama Snaps a Selfie at Mandela's Memorial Service" Washington Post 12/10/13

Kirby, Jennifer. "Protocol Experts Explain How Obama Could Have Handled the Castro Handshake" New Republic 12/11/13

Spitznagel, Eric. "President's and Their Diets" Men's Health 12/13/13

Nakamura, David. "Incident with ‘fake’ Mandela memorial signer highlights U.S. security uncertainties abroad” Washington Post 12/18/13

Andrews, Helena. “Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday will Feature Dancing but Not Dinner” Washington Post 1/6/14

Matthews, Dylan. “40 charts that explain the world” Washington Post 1/15/14

Gibson, David. “The pope and the president: What to look for in the Obama-Francis summit” Washington Post 1/21/14

Sengupta, Somini. "For U.N. Chief, a Dance of Diplomacy Is Halted by a Misstep” New York Times 1/21/14

Rosenbloom, Stephanie. “Google Tools for Globetrotters” New York Times 1/23/14

Barnard, Anne. “2 Sides in Syria Peace Talks Agree to Meet in the Same Room, Averting a Breakdown" New York Times 1/25/14

Higgins, Andrew. “For Putin, Slights Signal Tension with E.U.” New York Times 1/28/14

Robinson, Frances. “Schools Tussle Over Proper Training for” Wall Street Journal 1/28/14

Grynbaum, Michael. “A Mayor Most Everybody Looks Up To, Even When He Slouches” New York Times 2/1/14

Baker, Peter. “French Breakup Makes a Dinner Harder to Do” New York Times 2/8/14

Thompson, Krissah and Roxanne Roberts. "When the Guest of Honor Goes Stag, What's State Dinner Protocol? Washington Post 2/10/14

McKellogg, JulieAnn. "Eight Things to Know About State Dinners" Washington Post 2/11/14

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's France State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 2/11/14

Andrews, Helena. "Guest List for State Dinner in Honor of French President Francois Hollande" Washington Post 2/12/14

Eliperin, Juliet. "From Tex-Mex and Pork Rinds to Fitness and Veggies: A Change in Obama White House" Washington Post 4/24/14

Perpetua, Sofia. "Should I Get a Polio Booster?" New York Times 5/9/14

Barnes, Robert. "Supreme Court Says Secret Service Agents are Immune in Bush Protest Lawsuit" Washington Post 5/27/14

Johnson, Benny and Dorsey Shaw. "Breakdown of The Most Awkward Hug in White House History" Buzzfeed 5/30/14

Saenz, Arlette. "John Kerry Spotted Dozing Off During Polish President's Speech" ABC News 6/3/14

Leiby, Richard. "After Benghazi, Learning to Defend U.S. Consulates Through More Intensive Training" Washington Post 6/10/14

Conlin, Jennifer. "Translating English Protocol for a Wider Audience" New York Times 6/20/14

Huetteman, Emmarie. "On Air Force One, No Lightening Up on Burgers and Cake" New York Times 6/27/14

Eliperin, Juliet. "In President Obama's White House, Some Traditions Give Way to Modern Technology" Washington Post 7/7/14

Zezima, Katie. "Is the Art of Handwriting Dead? Not in the White House" Washington Post 7/7/14

Schleifer, Theodore. "Official's Security Details Bring Neighbors Peace of Mind and Headaches" New York Times 7/17/14

Knowlton, Brian and Michael Gordon. "Kerry Expresses Frustration Over Civillian Toll in Gaza" New York Times 7/20/14

Schwartz, Melissa. "Hot Mic Moments are Nothing New" Huffington Post 7/21/14

Farhi, Paul. "And Minder Makes Three: For White House Interviews, It's Never Just One-On-One" Washington Post 7/24/14

Harding, Luke. "A Word in Your Ear: The Interpreters that SPeak for World Leaders" The Guardian 7/25/14 

Callimachi, Rukmini. "Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Queda Terror" New York Times 7/29/14

Bump, Philip. "All 274 Gifts Given to Barak Obama between 2009 and 2012, Ranked" Washington Post 8/4/14

Myers, Laura. "High Fashion, Expense for Hillary Travel" Las Vegas Review-Journal 8/16/14

Baker, Peter and Julie Hirschfeld Davis. "Terrorist Horror, Then Golf: Incongruity Fuels Obama Critics" New York Times 8/21/14

Elmore, Phil. "Oops! 'ISIS Wallet' Forced to Change Name" WND Commentary 9/10/14

Lakshmi, Rama. "Why India's Narendra Modi May Not Eat at the White House Dinner" Washington Post 9/22/14

Dwyer, Devin. "President Obama Gesture to Marines Dubbed 'Latte Salute'" ABC News 9/23/14

Farhi, Paul. "Reporters Say White House Sometimes Demands Changes to Press-Pool Reports" Washington Post 9/24/14

Smith, Jada. "Cup in Hand, Obama Stirs Dispute: Should Presidents Salute?" New York Times 9/24/14

Alford, Henry. "The Bro Hug: Embracing a Change in Custom" New York Times 9/26/14

Rappeport, Alan. "A Fast by a Visiting Leader Poses a White House Menu Puzzle" New York Times 9/26/14

Hirschfeld Davis, Judy. "Table for Two, Dinner for One" New York Times 9/30/14

Baker, Peter. "At the White House a Long Line of Unwelcome Guests" New York Times 9/30/14

Emmett, Dan. "What It's Really Like in the Secret Service" Wall Street Journal 12/1/14

Hirschfeld Davis, Julie. "Skipping Protocol to Press a Point" New York Times 10/3/14

Arsu, Sebnem. "Biden Apologizes to Turkish President" New York Times 10/4/14

Nakamura, David. "Explainer: How Does a 25-Year-Old White House Volunteer End up on a Presidential Trip to Cartagena? Here's How." Washington Post 10/10/14

Roberts, Roxanne. "Drama. Ego. Protocol: Washington Dinners Have It All -- And That's Just The Seating Chart" Washington Post 10/15/14

"Explaining Boko Haram, Nigeria's Islamist Insurgency" New York Times 11/10/14

Sulcas, Roslyn. "Tiptoeing (on Point) Through the Tulips" New York Times 11/20/14

Helderman, Rosalind and Philip Rucker. "Plans for UCLA Visit Give Rare Glimpse into Hillary Clinton's Paid Speaking Career" Washington Post 11/26/14

"Republican Aide Who Critiscized Obama Daughters Resigns" Wall Street Journal 12/1/14

Heil, Emily. "How to Greet Prince William, and other Royal Etiquette" Washington Post 12/4/14

Baker, Peter. "Reporters Presented with $90,000 Bill After Obama Trip" New York Times 12/5/14

Flegenheimer, Matt. "Duke and Duchess of Cambrige Arrive, and New York City Checks Its Ties" New York Times 12/7/14

Siddons, Andrew. "A Cheaper Way to Cover a President's Trip, but It Comes with a Cost" New York Times 12/8/14

Schmidt, Michael. "Driver Wanted for Obama Motorcade. Novice Welcome." New York Times 12/25/14

Singer, Jeffrey and Kirk Semple. "A Calligrapher Brings an Elegant Touch to an Officer's Funeral" New York Times 1/2/15

Gladstone, Rick. “Perceived Anti-Islam Insults in the Media Have Often Led to Retributions and Threats” New York Times 1/7/15

Ramzy, Austin. “Apologies All Around After Watch Is Presented as Gift in Taiwan” New York Times 1/27/15

Mackey, Robert. "Michelle Obama Praised for Bold Stand She Didn't Take in Saudi Arabia" New York Times 1/28/15

Hirschfeld Davis, Julie. "What to Wear? First Ladies are Steeped in Protocol" New York Times 1/29/15

Sharkey, Joe. "Buisnesswomen Navigate Traditions in Saudi Arabia" New York Times 2/2/15

Jacobs, Andrew. "Obama's Prayer Breakfast Words to Dali Lama Ruffle China and India" New York Times 2/6/15

Davis, Julie Hisrchfeld and Isabel Kershner. "Obama and Netanyahu Clash from Afar Over Israeli's Planned Speech" New York Times 2/9/15

Waldek, Stefanie. "Michelle Obama Announces the Redesign of the White HOuse's Old Family Dining Room" Architectural Digest 2/10/15

Strain, Michael. "Please Address Me as Mister. I Insisit" Washington Post 2/18/15

"No Crudites, But Hillary Clinton Still Has a Long List of Demands for Speeches" New York Times 2/26/15

Shear, Michael. "In Relating to Foreign Leaders, Obama Keeps It Mostly Business" New York Times 3/10/15

Eilperin, Juliet. "How the White House Decides Whose Death is Worth Presidential Notice" Washington Post 3/12/15

"How Not to Catch a Cold on a Plane" New York Times 3/30/15

Friedman, Vanessa. "For Male Politicians, Dieting Is a Campaign Issue" New York Times 4/8/15

Shear, Michael. "Mrs. Obama's Wing of White House is Having Its Share of Transition at Key Time" New York Times 4/8/15

Gerstein, Josh. "Hillary Clinton's First-Lady-Era Road Trip Guide" Politico 4/14/15

Roberts, Roxanne. "Entertaining Tips from the Renowned Owner of the Inn at Little Washington" Washington Post 4/20/15

Andrews, Helena. "Interesting Pairing: The Japanese State Dinner will Feature a Menu by an Iorn Chef and Music from "Jersey Boys'" Washington Post 4/27/15

Martin, Hannah. "The White House Unveils the Obama State China Service" Architectural Digest 4/27/15

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's Japan State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 4/28/16

Superville, Darlene and Nancy Benac. "Japanese State Dinner Surprises with Haiku Sake and R&B" Washington Post 4/29/15

Nikas, Joanna. "Michelle Obama's Diplomatic Wardrobe" New York Times 4/29/15

Kershner, Isabel and Elisabetta Povoledo. "Vatican Seeks to Quiet Uproar Over Pope's 'Angel of Peace' Remarks" New York Times 5/18/15

Andrews, Helena. "The Obamas Paid for Saturday's Private Prince Concert Temselves" Washington Post 6/15/15

Boorstein, Michelle. "Draft Schedule for Pope Francis's Trip to the U.S. This Fall Reveals Ambitions to Influence the Powerful, and Champion the Powerless" Washington Post 6/26/15

Harris, Gardiner. "Obama and Walker Set Aside Political Tensions on the Tarmac" New York Times 7/2/15

Peters, Jeremy and Ashley Parker. "Facing a Selfie Election, Presidential Hopefuls Grin and Bear It" New York Times 7/4/15

Gordon, Michael. "Kerry Strikes Delicate Balance in Havana Trip for Embassy Flag-Raising" New York Times 8/14/15

Beschloss, Michael. "The Man Who Gave Air Force One Its Aura" New York Times 8/7/15

Rampton, Robert and Jeff Mason. "White House Prepares for Pomp, Politics of Pope Francis Visit" Reuters 9/16/15

Hirschfeld Davis, Julie. "U.S. to Announce Loosening of Business and Travel Restrictions on Cuba" New York Times 9/17/15

Perlez, Jane and Yufan Huang. "Xi Jinping, Chinese Leader, Has Weighty Agenda and Busy Schedule for U.S. Visit" New York Times 9/17/15

Rocca, Francis. "Vatican Disputes White House Guest List for Papal Visit" Wall Street Journal 9/17/15

Rueb, Emily. "Por Pope Francis' Mass a Madison Square Garden, God is in the Details" New York Times 9/17/15

Shear, Michael. "Iranian Immigrant is Named White House Florist" New York Times 9/17/15

UN's 70th General Assembly: The Greatest Political Show on Earth" The Guardian 9/17/15

Donadio, Rachel. "Life on the Papal Beat" New York Times 9/18/15

Harris, Gardiner. "Washington to Come to a Halt for Pope, Willingly or Not" New York Times 9/18/15

Uhrmacher, Kevin, Richard Johnson and Denise Lu. "Higher Power: An Illustrated 215-Year History of the Popemobile" Washington Post 9/21/15

Baker, Peter, Azam Ahmed and Jim Yardley. Pope Francis' Arrival in the U.S. Is a Low-Key Prelude to Pagentry" New York Times 9/22/15

Schmidt, Michael and Jim Yardley. "Pope Francis, 'People's Pope,' Is Security Teams' Headache" New York Times 9/22/15

Baker, Peter and Michael Shear. "Pope Francis, in Washington, Addresses Poverty and Climate" New York Times 9/23/15 

Fitzsimmons, Emma. "New York's Transportation Command Prepares for Papal Disruptions" New York Times 9/23/15

Harris, Gardiner. Pope Francis Gets Ecstatic Reception in Washington" New York Times 9/23/15

Rueb, Emily. "Popemobiles Through Time" New York Times 9/23/15

Givhan, Robin. "Will Michelle Obama Avoid a Diplomatic Fashion Controversy at the White House State Dinner for China" Washington Post 9/24/15

Superville, Darlene. "White House Changes Some Things but Keeps Maine Lobster for Friday's State DInner for China" U.S. News 9/24/15

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Harris, Gardiner. "State Dinner for Xi Jinping Has High-Tech Flavor" New York Times 9/25/15

Kaleem, Jaweed. "The Secret To How Pope Francis Keeps His Hectic Travel Schedule" Huffington Post 9/25/15

Sengupta, Somini. Pope Francis to Address U.N.'s Largest Gathering of World Leaders" New York Times 9/25/15

"Who is at The Head Table" Fox News  9/25/15

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's China State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 9/25/15

Nikas, Joanna. "Michelle Obama's State Dinner Fashion" New York Times 9/26/15

Yardley, Jim and Laurie Goodstein. "Pope Departs, After Showing a Deft Touch" New York Times 9/27/15

Baker, Peter and Gardiner Harris. "Clues to U.S. Relationships Can Be Seen in U.N. Body Language" New York Times 9/27/15

Baker, Peter. "Air Force One, a once cherished Perk Awaiting an Upgrade" New York Times 10/18/15

Ramzy, Austin. "When Leaders of Taiwan and China Meet, Even Tiny Geastures Will Be Parsed" New York Times 11/4/15

Ramzy, Austin. "Presidents of China and Taiwan Shake Hands in First Ever Meeting" New York Times 11/7/15

Parker, Ashley. "Jeb Bush Succumbs to Selfie Craze and Offers Tips on Selfie Etiquette" New York Times 12/28/15

Williamson, Elizabeth. "Gov. Christies, Headed Home to New Jersey, Stalls Commute" New York Times 2/10/16

Orton, Kathy and Darla Cameron. "Where the Presidents Lived" Washington Post 2/12/16

Malkin, Elisabeth. "Francis Admonishes Bishops in Mexico to Begin Anew" New York Times 2/13/16

Harris, Gardiner. "Obama May Meet Zika Head On in Cuba" New York Times 2/15/16

Itkowitz, Colby. "Meet the Man Who Can Basically Read President Obama's Mind" Washington Post 2/15/16

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's Canada State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 3/10/16

Chamorro-Premuzic, Thomas and Michael Sanger. "What Leadership Looks Like in Different Cultures" Harvard Business Review 5/6/16

Givhan, Robin. "Bill Clinton's Fashion Challenge: How To Dress When You Are No Longer the Center of Attention" Washington Post 5/10/16 

Wong, Edward. "China Pressed on Queen Elizabeth II's Complaint of 'Very Rude' Officials" New York Times 5/12/16

"Expected Attendees at Tonight's Nordic State Dinner" The White House - Office of the Press Secretary 5/13/16

Sanger, David E. "Kerry Meets Egypt's Leader, and Where are Reporters? Corralled at the Airport" New York Times 5/18/16

Fredericks, Bob. "Trump Aide Accidentally Reveals Plan to Attack Hillary on Whitewater" New York Post 5/25/16

Hirschfeld Davis, Julie. "Obamas' Next Home: 9 Bedrooms in a Wealthy Washington Neighborhood" New York Times 5/25/16

Thompson, Krissah. "At Malia Obama's High School Graduation, the Commander in Chief is 'Just a Total Dad'" Washington Post 6/10/16

McAuley, James. "French President Macron Has Spent $30,000 On Makeup Services In Just 3 Months" Washington Post 8/25/17